Are Colorfast Colorants environmentally safe?
T.H. Glennon Company uses all environmentally safe materials to manufacture our colorants. They are specially formulated to be nontoxic to children, animals and plants.
How does the Colorfast Colorants compare to other colorants on the market?
The Colorfast Colorants are designed and developed at T.H. Glennon Company. We focus on increasing our customers’ yields with less colorant, while delivering vibrant long lasting colors. Our customers produce higher yields, increasing their margins, production and efficiencies.
What is the shelf life of Colorfast Colored Mulch?
Our colorants are designed to last for a season or longer. The average mulch season is the spring through the fall.
Will your Mold Resistant Additive increase the longevity of Colorfast Colored Mulch?
Yes, the additive is formulated to decrease the ability for mold and fungus to grow on your mulch. The Mold Resistant Additive reduces temperature build up, so greater stockpiles can be made with less color change.
Will Colorfast Colorants work on all types of coloring equipment?
Yes. We deliver liquid, powder and compact grade colorants to meet your coloring requirements.
How are the Colorfast Colorants packaged?
T.H. Glennon Company has versatile packaging options.
Do Colorfast Colorants wash off?
Once our Colorfast Colorants are dried onto a surface, it adheres to the surface. When applied and dried properly, our colorants will not wash off.