Mulch Colorants
Mulch Colorants – Our Solutions for your Mulch Business

Premium mulch colorants are a key ingredient in the mulch business for one simple reason: they ensure consistent mulch production—which in turn increases mulch yields and drives up profit margins. With a time-tested, industry-proven product, T.H. Glennon mulch colorants are the mulch colorant of choice for mulch manufacturers looking to produce the highest-quality mulch possible—regardless of the medium to which our colorants are applied.
Our eco-friendly, concentrated, Colorfast Colorants shine across a variety of applications, including wood, wood fiber, rubber, and even aggregate or crushed stone mulch—adding value to mulch manufacturers’ production due to our highly concentrated formulas, resulting in higher yields higher-yields and “Brighter Mulch Colors”.

Wood Mulch Colorants

We offer two main types of wood and fiber mulch colorants: liquid and powder. Liquid mulch colorants are used with your coloring equipment to produce brilliant, long-lasting results. Powder mulch colorants are used during the grinding process and create bold and consistently-colored mulch. Whether you choose liquid or powder, you will produce vibrant long-lasting colored mulch with higher yields and increased profits.
Our Advanced Colorfast and Quality Colorfast liquid mulch colorants promise long-lasting, consistent color distribution for all wood types. Available in 12 colors, our Advanced formula is specially formulated with our premium pigments and, at a higher concentration, is perfect for green and/or unchanged wood. In contrast, the Quality Colorfast formula is formulated for the more cost-conscious buyer looking for an excellent color choice with high yields and consistent colored mulch production.
Formulated to increase the shelf life of your colored mulch, our Mold Resistant Additive works to reduce the heat in your wood mulch, which decreases the ability for mold and fungus to grow.
Our powder mulch colorants are applied during the grinding process, regardless of temperature—so they’re a great option for mulch manufacturers producing mulch during the fall and early spring. We offer two powder mulch colorants: our Quality Colorfast Powder (available in 5 standard colors), and our Advanced Colorfast Powder (available in 9 standard colors).
All our wood mulch colorants are available in custom colors upon request.


Rubber Mulch Colorants

Playgrounds and landscapes alike deserve the playful pop of color that rubber mulch offers—and our
Rubber Colorfast Colorants, available in 12 standard colors—can bring that flavor to your customers’ colorscapes. These long-lasting, earth-friendly colorants are the perfect complement to recycled rubber chips… and they’re also available in custom colors upon request.


Crushed Stone Mulch Colorants

Stone and aggregate landscaping rounds out every mulch manufacturers’ product offering, and with 12 standard colors—and custom colors available upon request—our Aggregate Colorfast Colorants offer a wide spectrum of options.

T.H. Glennon’s in-house chemistry team, experienced sales experts, and company-owned delivery fleet ensure that your order is available to meet your needs, from order date to delivery.

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