Mulch Color Jet
Mulch Color Jet
The Mulch Color Jet #1 Compact Coloring Unit

In 1999, our customers wanted to reduce their coloring costs, or find a less expensive way to color their ground wood. At the same time, color consistency and quality could not be compromised. That is when the Mulch Color Jet was born. The compact coloring unit drastically reduced the cost of the coloring process, while maintaining consistent colored mulch. For the first time, color was easily injected during the grinding process.

So why has it become so popular? The Mulch Color Jet saves mulch manufacturers significant money, time and headaches. The Mulch Color Jet drastically reduces your wood handling time, equipment costs, and fuel/energy, maintenance and repair expenses. This reliable system can save you approximately $2.00 per yard on colored mulch production, adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line! You will no longer be required to transport screened/ground mulch from one machine to the next. Your efficiencies and profits will to soar.

How does it all work? The metering pump system is designed to install onto your existing tub, horizontal, stationary mills and trommel screens. Once in place, it is ready to efficiently pump color into your grinder, during the grinding process. The compact coloring appliance is available in three size models and powered by AC, AC with optional remote, or 24-volt D.C. The latest manifold technology is provided to increase color efficiency and reduce water use. Your trommel screen or auger conveyor can be turned into a coloring machine with the Mulch Color Jet. Mulch Color Jet Specifications (Is this supposed to be a link to the spec?)

Coloring on Vermeer TG5000 Tub Grinder
Its reputation speaks for itself. The Mulch Color Jet is a robust, production-proven system. You will increase your profits, reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and easily produce vibrant colored mulch. If you are looking to expand your coloring capacity, or just get started, the Mulch Color Jet is the right choice. Let our expert technicians show you how.

Mulch Color Jet In Action

Mulch Color Jet Specifications
Weight: 180 lbs.
Length: 42 Inches
Height: 23 Inches
Width: 24 inches
Standard Equipment
  • 1/3 Hp electrical motor
  • Electronic keypad for variable colorant output
  • Signet water flow meter
  • Capabilities
    Adapts to tub, horizontal, trommel screens and stationary mills. You can also add colorizing capability to your existing mulch processing equipment. Colors most wood waste, including green wood and root mulch. Colors during product grind with the following production speeds:

    Model B: up to 225 cy/hr.
    Model C: up to 325 cy/hr.
    Model D: up to 450 cy/hr.

    Operational Requirements
    Electrical: 110-120V @ 2,000 watt
    Water use: 15 – 80+ gal/min with 2” male NPT or quick disconnect

    Optional: 24-volt D.C. or A.C. with remote control.

    Download PDF Printable Spec Sheet Mulch Color Jet
    Download PDF Printable Spec Sheet Mulch Color Jet Jr.

    Used Equipment
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    We maintain a database of our customers that have grinders and coloring equipment for sale. We are happy to assist you with your used equipment needs.

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