For Immediate Release

T.H. Glennon Co., Inc. is happy to announce the promotion of their National Sales Manager, Kriem Michel, to International Sales Manager.

This move was prompted by a growing interest from the international side of the mulch colorant business.  Kriem, who was born and raised in Germany, joined the sales staff of T. H. Glennon Co. on Oct. 29, 2001.  She represented the company’s line of Colorfast landscape mulch colorants as well as the Mulch Color Jet (the leader in mulch coloring machines), which is used to inject mulch colorants directly into the grinder.

Over the past fifteen years, Kriem has made significant contributions to T.H. Glennon and our mulch colorant customers.  Her knowledge of mulch colorants, mulch coloring equipment and the wood grinding process has made Kriem a much valued resourceto her customers.  Kriem has a keen eye on serving her mulch colorants customers and assembled a “best in class” sales team that services T.H. Glennon customers today.  Kriem has made significant contributions to the companies go –to market strategy and is one of the most respected individuals in the mulch colorant industry.

Kriem continues to demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit that benefits our customers grow profitable mulch colorant businesses.  Kriem has stated over the years, “The best thing about my job is the customers.  I really enjoy helping them build their businesses and visiting their sites, while helping them grow a profitable business.  Providing premium, consistent mulch colorants and excellent service is the key to their success.”

When asked, “Why did you choose to work at T.H. Glennon?”  Kriem replied, “It is a great company to work for and we stand behind our customers and products.  No other company in the mulch colorant industry is owned by a chemist, who understand the mulch colorant manufacturing process and mulch colorants like Brian Shea.  Together, Brian and I have visited so many customers.  Our field knowledge separates us from the competition.  We understand the wood materials being used in the mulch colorant process, the wood grinding equipment and mulch coloring equipment.  When it comes to helping a mulch maker increase his profitability or start up a new mulch coloring business, T.H. Glennon does the best job.  Our customers come first and for a sales person… that is a great company to work for.”

Prior to joining T.H. Glennon, Kriem worked for Bayer Corporation’s Coatings and Colorants Division, where she gained extensive experience in the wood mulch industry.  She represented Bayer’s line of iron oxide pigments for more many years.  Kriem’s solid foundation in mulch colorants and pigments has proven very valuable to her customers.

T.H. Glennon, formed in 1963, is an innovative manufacturer of adhesives, coatings and colorants. The company has marketed its line of Colorfast landscape mulch colorants since 1995, with increasing success.  Today, T.H. Glennon is a market leader in the United States and is making a significant investment in the international mulch colorant markets.


Please welcome Kriem and let her be a valuable resource for you.

Kriem can be reached at her Florida office:  609-705-3100.