T.H. Glennon brings more than a half-century of experience in manufacturing and transporting highly concentrated colorants, adhesives and coatings for a variety of mediums.

Whether your clients need wood, concrete, aggregate, or rubber colorants, T.H. Glennon has the experience to get it done as your one-stop-shop mulch colorant supplier.

Achieving higher yields with less colorant assures your clients that they’re getting an aesthetically pleasing yet compact final product shipped right to their door.

If you are interested in extending the shelf life of your colored mulch, we have developed a proprietary Mold and Fungus Resistant Additive. At T.H. Glennon, we continually work to improve our mulch colorants.    

The T.H. Glennon Difference: No Fuss Logistics

The fact that T.H. Glennon is a family-owned business and the only colorant business that’s invested in our own tractor trailers for delivery should absolutely give you more confidence.

When everything is handled in-house, it lessens the chances of any missteps or miscommunication along the supply chain.

The constants are great logistics, technical expertise, and responsive customer service, but in addition, T.H. Glennon’s inventories are constantly expanding and our color technologies are always getting that much better.

The professionals at T.H. Glennon do a number of things in concert to ensure your customer satisfaction.

The Secret? Superior Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is all about making a commodity’s journey more efficient. Traditional supply chains follow a number of predictable pathways from the supplier, manufacturer, and finally, the customer.

Technically, though, supply chain management includes the movement of a product (e.g., mulch colorant), and information, from the supplier and manufacturer to the customer.

Because T.H. Glennon has streamlined the product, information, and deliveries through the supply chain, we are able to efficiently provide you with great colorants, on-time.

Seamless Product Flow

In a supply chain, the easiest thing to visualize conceptually is the flow of our outstanding mulch colorants to you, our valued customers.

T.H. Glennon’s dedicated fleet of vehicles help ensure streamlined orders and efficiency when it comes to shipping colorants from point A to point B.

Efficient Communication

The second component of any functional supply chain is information—you must be able to quickly transmit orders from one department to another and confirm your requested delivery date.

For T.H. Glennon, that means keeping you informed about upcoming delivery statuses or order modification requests.

Reliable Partnerships

Partnering with the best equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the industry ensures that T.H. Glennon can provide the highest possible service in the colorant industry.

T.H. Glennon has over fifty years of experience delivering our products to our happy customers.

A Commitment to Industry Innovation

Almost twenty years ago, T.H. Glennon started looking for ways to deliver greater color consistency and higher yields at lower costs. If you think that sounds like an ambitious undertaking, you’re right.

The Mulch Color Jet came out of that desire to save you money on colored mulch production—to the tune of $2 per yard of colored mulch.

Simply put, this single innovation potentially adds thousands to your bottom line by reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Interested in learning more? Visit our website today!