There’s no secret — there’s just science.

Your customers’ lawns and landscapes depend on artistry, sure. A beautiful outdoor space requires a special eye for shape and color. But beneath that artistry is chemistry, and chemistry is what has made us — and kept us — a market leader.

In working to develop quality colorants over the last 50+ years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what our customers — and your customers — want. Our president and owner is an experienced chemist, and his scientific background is the basis for our successful line of products.

Successful mulch colorant should do two things exceptionally well. It should display rich, vibrant pigment in hues that please the eye, and it should tie landscapes together. And it should accomplish this task with minimal product required for a high yield.

Those two variables together make, ultimately, for customer satisfaction — because they mean excellent quality at a competitive price point.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how our line of mulch colorant products accomplishes just that.

Advanced Colorfast Liquid

The secret to advanced colorfast liquid is quality pigment, combined with excellent adherence. We manufacture our pigments in a broad spectrum of colors, including custom colors. Our adhesion levels mean less colorant, with higher yield, which means savings you can pass to your customers.

Quality Colorfast Liquid

Saving money doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. We know your customers are interested in getting the most bang for their buck, which is why we’ve produced a lower-priced pigment that maintains an excellent yield.

Advanced Colorfast Powder

If you’re interested in coloring during grinding, this is a product worth your consideration. Because your production can be completed “dry,” without the addition of liquid, you can produce mulch early or late in the season without concern for freezing machinery or product. Expect similarly high yields to the advanced liquid product, along with our industry-leading adherence.

Quality Colorfast Powder

You can eliminate the liquid, along with the color machine, while providing your cost-conscious customers with a reliable option.

Rubber Colorfast Colorants

Intended for rubber chips recycled for playgrounds and landscaping, we guarantee that our rubber colorants offer the same high yields as our wood products.

Aggregate Colorfast

A product that has gained significant popularity over the years, we’ve perfected the adhesive necessary to produce high yields with less colorant for your customers’ stone and aggregate landscaping applications.

The artistry of a beautiful landscape starts with science. We’re proud to produce a line of scientifically advanced mulch colorant products designed to do the best job possible with the lowest expenditure of material and money.

Are you interested in learning more about how our colorants can provide your customers with the colored mulch they need? Then contact us at T.H. Glennon today!