In the past, your clients had a choice between natural mulch or no mulch at all. But with the newest types of environmentally safe colorants for mulch, and the optionally added mold-resistance, colored mulches are becoming the choice for gardens, landscaping, pathways and everything else.

Now, besides the fact that colored mulches add a bit of pop to any garden or landscape scenario, there are actually practical reasons why coloring mulch for your customers is better than offering natural mulches.

Ground Warming

A dark brown or black mulch absorbs more heat from the sun than a natural mulch, and by doing so it transfers some of the heat into the ground. This heat transfer is very beneficial for garden plants and trees during the early spring, and it can extend or jump-start the growing season by warming the roots of these plants.

As every gardener will tell you, any advantage they can get to make their plants grow earlier in the year means more fruit and vegetable production later on. Putting down a darker-colored mulch maximizes heat transfer to the roots, allowing plants to grow faster and healthier, and earlier in the year than other plants that don’t have this advantage.

Light Reflections

Red mulch is prized by many gardeners because it reflects light back up to the leaves of such fruiting plants as tomatoes and strawberries. More light on the leaves causes them to grow faster, healthier and bigger. By doing this, they produce more fruit and vegetables throughout the growing season, and that is one of the prime reasons for enjoying a garden in the first place.


Lighter-colored mulches keep the daytime heat off of mulched pathways. Those strolls around the garden, through the glade or down to the lake feel much more comfortable walking on a cooler and lighter-colored mulch. Plus, when lit up by pathway lights at night, the paths become simple to see and follow, making them safer and easier to traverse.

Recycled Wood

Recycled wood is one of the most common coloring mulch options, and many customers like to know that wood has been recycled and used in this process. No trees have been cut down or harmed to produce colored mulch, and that is an environmentally responsible way for coloring mulch that virtually every customer would love to know about.

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